Plan ahead for a care-free storage journey!

Tips for Packing for Storage!

1. Purchase Packing Supplies

Before you get started packing, you’ll need to determine what type of packing supplies you and how much of each. While some items work best in cardboard boxes, others may be better suited for a heavy-duty plastic container with a lid that will be much more reliable in the long-run!

2. Properly Pack Furniture

Once you’ve moved your furniture into your Storage unit, avoid using plastic coverings for long-term storage. This can potentially lead to moisture damage for your furniture. To protect your furniture from dust and other debris, we recommend draping your furniture loosely with blankets or quilts.

3. Pack Appliances Safely

Before moving your appliances to your storage unit, be sure to drain any remaining liquid from water lines and remove any fragile parts or glass shelves. Once it’s in your unit, make sure the appliance remains off.4. Pack Clothing in Storage BinsFor packing away clothing, we recommend that you purchase plastic containers with lids. This will help to prevent dust, mildew and moisture from getting to your clothes. To ward off moths or unwanted odor, use cedar balls. Make sure to label your containers for easy access.

Tips for Organizing a Storage Unit!

1. Maximize Your Storage Space

When you’re packing your storage unit and moving each item in, it can seem like you run out of space quickly. To get the most out of every square inch it’s time to think vertically. Start from the bottom and stack your heaviest and largest boxes on the bottom layer — then move up. If you’re looking for even more organization, consider bringing in temporary free standing shelves to help organize large items that don’t fit inside boxes. Lastly, if you’re moving in furniture, disassemble it as much as you can. This helps you to stack pieces of furniture on top of one another, creating more space.

2. Use Packing Labels on Everything

For peace of mind and to save you time in the future, be sure to label everything. Ensuring that each label can be easily seen will help you to find the items you’re looking for when you stop by your storage space and get in and out in a snap.

3. Organize by Priority

Make an inventory list of everything you’re taking to your storage unit. When you get to your unit, make sure you prioritize the items you may need to take out sooner rather than later.